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stancor transformer cross reference

Standard Price 1 $30.11 5 $28.75 10 $28.15 25 $27.55 Additional Inventory Request Lead Time Minimum Qty: 1 Multiples Of: 1 Thordarson Catalog 400-D (1939-40) (29.0 mb). designed for tube work. The Wells Floor Bass by TMB Canada (1977), The Fostex 250 and 250AV cassette four-track machine, Effectron Digital Delays Original Catalog. WeY ^` !qtp by creating a simple, easy to use vehicle to get Does anyone please have a hookup datasheet for that transformer? This file contains Thordarson data sheets: This data sheet covers three "Thoro Test" universal output transformers - TA4U, TA8U, and TA16U. Stancor auto distribution transformer. Dynamic Instruments Corp - 05D0003 - AC Adapter, Input: 120VAC, Output 9.75VDC 650mA. Impedance, Primary to Secondary. the Website for Martin Smith Creations Limited . Are The Williams Brothers Related To Lee Williams, VALIN. Drawings: we have provided both PDF & AutoCAD drawings for almost every part number. Federal Telephone & Radio Special Price. imensions: 0.750" long x 0.815" wide x 0.625" high. Transmitting Tube Data Guide (1938), Thordarson's Complete Transformer Catalog 400-FX (1942). Of course they could have continued production for many years under the same part number. The switch is labeled 115V and 125v. Stancor: 592-9017: National Comfort: 14262087: . Browse NSN part numbers TTPC-8, TTPC-6, TTPC-2, TTPC-14, TTPC-13 of Stancor Electronic having CAGE Code 6HM58. One of $19.95. I want to remove the metal shell and put it into a metal box, along with my 2.5A variac and some meters. Gio, According to the schematic, 125V in and three outputs from the PSU. 9.1MB, KENYON BULLETI C2 SILVER GROUP, 1935 20MB, KENYON CATALOG R-1, REPLACEMENTS (20 power & 70 audio), 1935 6.6MB, STANCOR CATALOG 307 (1973 SELECTED PAGES), THORDARSON CATALOG 341 1935 (PDF) Thanks to Tom Bavis, THORDARSON CATALOG 400C 1938 (PDF) Thanks to Tom Bavis, THORDARSON INPUT TRANSFORMER SUPPLIMENT TO CAT. is now offering Switching Power Sources 0 0000070290 00000 n Liberty Pumps ELV290 - 3/4 HP Elevator Sump Pump System w/ OilTector Control & Alarm - 115v - 25 ft Cord- The Liberty Pump ELV 290 is a 3/4HP, elevator sump pump which can handle solids up to 3/4". The outlet is labeled 115V.

The only markings on the metal shell are the Stancor logo, above that is 95-1234 and below the logo is 306023.

Does anyone know what the VA rating of this iso is, or where I can cross reference it?

Joe, Hi Joe,
Hammond has a good cross reference but I did not see any of the numbers you mentioned .
I did several searches and came up empty handed. STANCO DSW-310 DSW-310 Po. Stancor we are committed to customer service, and Stancor Stancor P-8620 Mfr. RoHS Compliant. 195V, 320V, and 330V. The files linked to in this section are huge--up to He is dead and I believe his widow is as well, now. T-AA-53011-S ACME 1.5KVA Single Phase Transformer 240/480v to 120/240V (TP) T-AA-53011-S. Primary: 240/480 volts Single phase 60 Hz . Scan them at 200 dpi, to grayscale. sending me an image to post. Drawings: we have provided both PDF & AutoCAD drawings for almost every part number. Dual 0000013858 00000 n Stancor transformers can sometimes be bought on eBait, often at a premium. The core only (no windings) measures 3"W x 3-3/4"D x 4-1/2" H.

Joe, That's 250 watts. Thanks also go to Kenneth Vandenberg for quite a few (10 or 12) and "H-112" on the bottom, but what does that mean? What Type The second half shows Meissner parts, mainly RF and IF coils and transformers for the radio-TV service trade and for hobbyists and set builders. 0000001841 00000 n or Best Offer. 40's-era Meissner coils of many types, including a lot of practical Text: operation. can i use shoe glue for fake nails. Section Pg. cross reference qrnerlcrn & foreign brands price $2.00 thordarson tv pqrts guide deflection yokes voltage rnultlpllers admiral airline oamc oandrea oarvin bradford obroadmoor catalina channel master clairtone oclovis coronado odelmonico dumont electrohome emerson fleetwood gamble skogmo general electric grundig majestic heath hitachi ohoffman 2 '7 . But its a lot of fun to read the manuals too-as long as you understand they were trying to sell transformers! Hammond 1600A series transformers provide 'easy wire secondary' impedances of 4, 8, or 16 ohms. Lindsay has a lot of books covering Plumbing Products Cross Reference Pump Model Zoeller Hydromatic Goulds Myers Liberty Little Giant Dayton Diversitech 1/6HP Utility Sump Pump UT17 1/4hp Sump Pump SU25 #49 Water Ridd'r III B-A1 BV-A1 SP025 SP25 240 SP-14 5.5-ASP 4HU67 1/3HP Sump Pump SU33 SP33VF SP33D SP33A M53 M72 N151 W/D/V-A1 HTS33 SW/SD/VS33 LSP03 ST31 SP03 SSM331 MDC33 . To use our cross reference tool, please select the company name and enter the part number. Sound IF Transformer, Miller 7158-7159 45 MHz Video IF Transformers, Miller 7517 45 MHz Video IF Drop-In Replacement for Trav-Ler, Miller 7715 and 7716 455 KHz IF Transformers, Miller 7784 and 7785 535-1620 KHz RF Transformer, Miller Am curious if it was a custom job or something off the shelf they used to. Stancor 0000010736 00000 n Variac Literature Variac Cross Reference identifies suitable replacements for older and obsolete variable transformers. The ASAP team works tirelessly to cross-reference CAGE codes, NSNs, and part numbers to ensure our customers get the exact part they need. Catalog Number. pages (which were often published in ham radio magazines) with I have been doing minor repair on radios for almost a year. Looking through the schematics, you will see the following tube types most often: 6F5, 6C5, 6J7, 80, 6V6, 76, 6N7, 6L6, 6A6, and 6A3. that meet environmental standards required by 0000009068 00000 n SD-2000A for audio input transformers 20A00, 20A01, 20A02, 20A03, 20A04, and 20A05, and for interstage transformers 20A16, 20A17, 20A18, 20A19, 20A22, 20A23, 20A24, 20A25, and 20A27. Rectifier A collection of broadcast equipment manuals, catalogs, radio station pictures and broadcast information. Their catalog in PDF form can be found through Mouser, here. Other Systems Item Height. "Low Miniature Adjustable BCB Coils, Rev 2, Side 1, Miller Q-113 4.5 MHz Pri. Location: Santa Clara, United States. Power Contactors 154-, Single 0000014957 00000 n Stancor Products (602) 275-3800 Tel: (602) 275-3800 Email: At Stancor we are committed to customer service, and to serve you better we have improved our website by creating a simple, easy to use vehicle to get you the information you need. Photo 1. Stancor Products. Tables for Inductance calculation for circular coils of rectangular cross section 40 pages. Reply. . The transformer in my Delco R1117A console has shorted. Radio Transformer Factory New Military Fully enclosed NSN 5950-005019442, (LOCKHEED MARTIN 6096978-1)Double marked W8885 Learn More. 7128 4.5 MHz TV Quadrature Coils, Miller 7129 I picked up a amp a 5B3 but need a new output transformer for it, the one in the amp is wrong a 4 ohm. species of "advertorial" and contains a great deal of information on 0000008531 00000 n Quadrature and 7126 Sound Trap TV Coils (4.5 MHz), Miller 7127 and I once got the much coveted A-3801 as part of a junker for a very low price and some moron had bent two of the feet over the edge of the chassis. Only most used types are shown. Jard: 7541C. Catalog pages are in Adobe PDF format. Stancor transformer web site Tamura audio transformer catalog from 1996, in Japanese, 845K pdf file Thordarson input transformers (from a sheet found in a Thordarson box), 271K pdf file . $3.98 Regular Price $4.50 Out of stock STANCOR - TTPC13 - Transformer, telephone coupling. The first catalog also includes schematics for radios and other projects that could be built with Miller parts. Schematics are provided for Stancors own 303, 305, 306, 312, 318, 320, 325, 335, and 360 audio amplifiers. However, they still make 2.5 mH RF chokes with We have added additional manufacturers and part numbers to help our customers find an alternate source for their power requirements. Primary, Dual Secondaries P- Special-Purpose Tube Characteristics Manual. Fig. It features an epoxy molded case, gold plated leads and exceptional operation from 300 Hz to 60 kHz. 124 Part 2 Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Auction is for a step down transformer with a Cutler-Hammer 100 A contact kit and a SCR power controller. The cross reference your feedback score and acme transformer cross reference results are intact and distributing electric supply needs about shipping. Other Systems Windermere High School Dress Code, THORDARSON USED ITS BEST EFFORTS TO ENSURE THE ACCURACY OF THIS CROSS REFERENCE INFORMATION. High-Q Unshielded RF Coils, Side 2 (high-res scan: 574K file), Miller I have used the R-201 & 202 on my model railroad layout. 2008 by Copperwood Media, LLC. Your email address . MOuSER STOCk NO. With a long proven track record of building cost competitive and high quality products, Wabash transformer offers an easy way for you to cross reference existing part numbers. A polarized outlet is on the other side. 0000010182 00000 n The scans are at a fairly high resolution, so the PDF files are rather large. It is so yellowed and wrinkled that, even after image enhancement, I chose to include it as a color scan to preserve detail. Weight: 0.5 oz. Stancor 14VCT 250ma Transformer 115V In Chassis Mount 7V AC . General Stancor transformer web site Tamura audio transformer catalog from 1996, in Japanese, 845K pdf file Thordarson input transformers (from a sheet found in a Thordarson box), 271K pdf file . I have plenty of room on my hosting 0000004758 00000 n Stancor P-3064 Vintage Transformer 6.3V 6A For Tube Filaments. book's ISBN is 1-55918-063-3 but is currently out of print. it with your browser and then go have a Coke or listen to 20 Meters for Boy" LB Series, "Side-Winder" P , c T STANCOR Part No. Power Transformer, 1.1VA Stancor, Abstract: No abstract text available PowerVolt, Inc. offers cross reference to various transformer and power supply manufacturers. WARNING INPUT: 115 / 230V, 50/60Hz OUTPUT: 25.2 V CT @ 2A INSULATION RATING: Class A (105C) TEMPERATURE RISE: 65C Rise above 40C ambient DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 1500V RMS AGENCY: UL Recognized for use in the US and Canada per UL506 FILE NUMBER , transformer ratings. Posted: 28 Jan 2009 12:10 am. THORDARSON USED ITS BEST EFFORTS TO ENSURE THE ACCURACY OF THIS CROSS REFERENCE INFORMATION. Tweetldee 2003-09-02 23:29:51 UTC. This table gives cross-reference parts and alternative options found for EPC3098-9. me. Power throughput is generally a matter of weight, then you test for temperature rise to see if its what you need in terms of capacity. Isolation power transformers from Triad Magnetics have been designed explicitly for use in applications where equipment must be isolated from direct power connection. Description / Document Links. New! Custom Power Transformers; Custom Wall Plug-In Power Supplies; Custom Inductors and Chokes . Printed Circuit Series PPC-, Relays It may be designed for direct connection to an alternating current source for purposes of changing the secondary volts and amperes or designed to eliminate metallic interconnection between circuits in an overall one to one voltage ratio, with or without additional output windings . Chicago Standard Transformer Corporation, Chicago, Illinois. Requires Quote Available DSW-310. Search V2. 0000046938 00000 n 0000004984 00000 n Download datasheets and manufacturer documentation for Stancor P-8663. SW/DSW Series, Plug-In Top Results (6) Part . It may take hours to download them even if you Transformers. chicago television transformer cross reference 1954. chicago television transformer catalog 1954. chicago transformer catalog 1957. chicago transformer catalog 1958. . 2.365 in. This company is not well known today, but they were one of the many Chicago-area manufacturers of transformers and chokes for power and audio in electronics in the 1930s. Purchasing Info. STANCOR TO THORDARSON CROSS REFERNCE CHART Page: 1 537 East Brooks Avenue North Las Vegas, NV 89030-3973 Phone: 702-566-0800 Fax: 702-566-2080 Thordarson . Transformer - Audio Interstage, Coil Assembly for P-T156. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us at (630) 628-9999 or and let us assist you with your cross . Filled with cross-reference parts for all the name brand television sets of the era - Admiral, Arvin, Belmont, Bendix, Dumont, Hotpoint, Jewel, Magnavox . Part 2, Mallory-Yaxley Catalog M-770-A (1940) (76.6 mb) outline drawings. report this; humola18. The coil tapping arrangement permits output voltage of 0 to line voltage or 17% above line voltage on constant current line conditions. Full-color scan of the 1942 full-line catalog. Power Contactors, Transformers 0000003276 00000 n vintage data sheets that I don't have, consider scanning them and Requires Quote Available DSW310 POWER TRANSFORMER. Information, Class THE USED IS ADVISED TO ORDER A . Stancor 1959 catalog 17 pages. Home ; About Us . Rights Reserved. Extensive product line includes power, filament, filter chokes and rectifier transformers. Thordarson to Hammond .
Sorry I couldnt help.

Les, Thanks for trying.

I removed the shell and didn't find any markings inside, either. Printed Circuit Series, Step-Down STANCOR Part Num ber MA 350 200 400 300 200 Volts , 3 2 DESK TOP MODELS AC-DC Unregulated Desk Top Models Input 120V, 60 Hz. P. R. Mallory & Company Posts: 375. %PDF-1.6 % STA-4190. About Us . In Stock: 4 Can Ship immediately Enter Quantity ADD TO CART Quantity Unit Price Your Price 1 $179.34 $170.80 3 + $169.17 $161.11 Click for Quote Type Technical Resources / Inventory Search . Either use the search function or product index above to locate the part number. Required fields are marked *. Not sure, but I think I recall someone months ago speculating that I need either the HVO-6 or HVO-11. Monochrome scan showing all common Stancor transformers of that era. The Many "P" series items come standard with center tapped secondaries to allow greater design flexibility. 0000011671 00000 n The Mallory Radio Service Encyclopedia was the most widely used guide to replacement parts for radio servicing. from KD5OEI Cross Reference. Transformers, General It is an old unit, so I looked in an old Stancor catalog, but I can't match what I have.<P>The transformer is in a metal shell. It can be single point or four point mounted. I was most excited by this publication due to the 76 tubes in a few of the circuits. Triad Magnetics to Hammond. The new ELV series features the unique OilTector control, a mechanical float switch and a remote alarm. b 2'7. Home Amplifiers Tubes / Valves characteristics of the parts you've dug out of some old TV chassis or Standard Transformer Corporation (Stancor) They are old and heavy and sometimes . Vintage Tube Amplifier B95-921-N Power Transformer 100 Watts 117V 50-60CPS $39.95 . Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view catalog pages. xb```f``md`e`p @16@NfS5$ UXumW:8Ypq'.lnf^#KrqpWl)6"V elv>Kro4qTHi and XY dimensions aren't that important, and I can always resize or I do have a spare HVO-6 but not sure if its correct. Text: transformer ratings. Manufacturers for which some catalogs and sheets are currently available are: Cornell-Dubilier Corporation 1204 0 obj<>stream awful). P-8628 P-8629 P-4026 P , d.) So far I have cross referenced my Flyback to: Zenith S-16566 = Thordarson FLY-52 = Stancor A-8267 = Merit HOT-xx. Thordarson's Complete Transformer Catalog 400-FX (1942). Cross Reference. List of Brand Name Companies that PowerVolt can Cross-Reference (transformers and linear DC power supplies): Copyright Notice 2021 PowerVolt, Inc. All rights reserved. C-2327 Power Transformers 11 E C-2343 Power Transformers 11 B C-2685 Power Transformers 11 C C-2686 Power Transformers 11 D C-2687 Power Transformers 11 D C-2688 Power Transformers 11 D C-2690 Power Transformers 11 C STANCOR Part No. Remember when you contact us about items like these we will need all the information you can supply to narrow it down to the correct part. up "forever," but you never know. Cross Reference With a long, proven track record of building cost competitive and high quality products, Ensign offers an easy way for you to cross reference existing part numbers. Guide measures 6 x 9 inches and numbers 48 pages. American Zettler; Hammond; Pulse; Signal; Stancor; Tamura; TDK/EPCOS; Please type the . Printed Circuit Mount, "Low The switch is labeled 115V and 125v. Move into your new, fully furnished and completed home bringing nothing more than your suitcase. Part 1 June 14, 2022; pros and cons of stem cell therapy for knees . Vintage Stancor PM8408 Power Transformer 340V-0-340V 70mA, 5V 2A, 6.3V 2.5A Brand: StancorPart/Model Number: PM8408 Power TransformerSpecifications: 340V-0-340V 70mA, 5V 2A, 6.3V 2.5ACountry of. NOTE: Because critical parameters such as operating voltage, VA rating, load, frequency, footprint, etc. so that there'd be no difficulty reading the text on a shrunken, Some of the source material is very old and yellowed, and some pages are wrinkled or torn, so, even after image enhancement, the quality of the scans varies. STA-4110A STA , -4812A STA-5712 STA-4812 STA-5713 STA-5713A STA-4814 STA-4815 STA-5715 STA-3518 STANCOR Part Num , . Cross Reference Search: Stancor Disc Thermostats (PDF) Stancor Home Page : Stancor Transformers, Contactors and Power Supplies From NTE Electronics, Inc. NTE is pleased to announce that it has been appointed a Master Distributor for Stancor and will have access to the entire Stancor line of high quality products including: NUMERICAL INDEX and PRICE All Prices Subiect to Change Without Notice LIST Stancor page List Price PC8409 14 $ 8.85 PC8410 2-14 9.65 PC84112-14 11.55 PC8412 14 13.25 PC84132-14 16.30 Powers Telephony CRT Display Inductors Custom International Approvals. Good catalog, kinda like the Thordarson manuals of the era, some of the early UTC too. (The document.write("Last revised "+document.lastModified+""); Windows Stancor to Hammond. Home > Competitor Cross-Reference. Home > Competitor Cross-Reference. | Free shipping on many items! Sola Hevi-Duty Shielded Distribution Transformer (TP) T2H75S. Permalink. Their line of replacement power transformers for radio receivers is accompanied in this catalog with a two page replacement guide. Secondary, Single If you do not find a company to cross reference, please contact us for Cross reference.

Dennis, 306 was Stancor up through 1952. At Stancor we are committed to customer service, and to serve you better we have improved our website by creating a simple, easy to use vehicle to get you the information you need. 3 MB PDF. Stancor Part No. ACME ELECTRIC T253013S Distribution Transformer, Low Voltage, Single Phase, 3kVA. Schematics, Service Manuals and Circuit diagrams for Vintage Radios Record Players Amps & TVs Transformers Weight (lbs.) 0000004223 00000 n I'm doing here (as time allows) is scanning the vintage component data Catalog S-106. Thordarson Replacement Transformer Encyclopedia No. For transformer loaded class B amplifier service, the maximum supply voltages are +9V and +12V , ; and RCC is the collector-to-collector load resistance of the output transformer . Secondary RMS Rating SIZE , .1A 60V @ .2A 60V @ .32A Stancor, Abstract: IN3754 driver AM 5766 transistor df1084 AM 5766 coil 2N3053 class B push pull power amplifier class A push pull power amplifier 2N3053 equivalent Stancor output transformer Centralab Check back here from time to time, as additional catalogs and sheets will gradually be added. Mine is, and the aluminum box gets very warm after a while. Free shipping for many products! Mike Shoemaker Linkedin, 112-H6 IF Transformer with Diode Filter, Miller STANCOR TRANSMITTING TYPE TRANSFORMERS AND CHOKES Transmitting and industrial ty s- ttalldorm -r. and chokes. Stancor Vintage Electrical Transformers All Auction Buy It Now Best Match 258 Results Brand: Stancor Featured Refinements Buying Format All Filters SPONSORED NOS NIB Stancor A-3817 Modulation Audio Output Tube Amp Transformer 10 Watt C $271.76 C $50.27 shipping SPONSORED Vintage Stancor PM8408 Power Transformer 340V-0-340V 70mA, 5V 2A, 6.3V 2.5A Chokes, Power Either use the search function or product index above to locate the part number. Stancor Part-To-Part TV Transformer Replacement Guide. Horizontal Oscillator and Sync Coils, Side 2, Miller J-Tran Miniature IF Transformers, Side 2, Miller Requires Quote Available 3 Results Page 1 of 1. Power Relays, A.C. The vibrator guide contains a substitution guide and cross-reference, as well as information about vibrator supply circuits and parts that will prove instructional to those unfamiliar with vibrator supplies. 1.36 in.

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